Monday, September 30


Well hello there blog, it's been a long time.  Looks like the last time I posted I was running.  Heh.  Not so much anymore.  I got plantar fasciitis and then I think I have pretty much given up since then.  I've gotten fairly busy with my job and with my volunteer stuff at church, and I just don't have the time or commitment to keep "starting over" every time that I have some kind of injury.  I get shin splints super easily if I don't keep running regularly, so I've just found other things to do for exercise.  I'm not nearly as active as I probably should be, but oh well.

I've been busily working on some health issues, and I'm really hoping I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  We'll see though; I've been thinking I'm seeing the "light" for months now!  When I started adding in all my food restrictions (no white or red potatoes, nothing processed, no sugar- which also means no fruit, as much organic food as I can get) in addition to the things I already had, Jake and I really struggled to find variety in what we were eating.  Now, however, I feel like we've tried quite a few new good recipes and have a much bigger pallet.  I'm much better at trying new herbs and spices and have even eaten some fish.  I'm very thankful for my mom who bought me these cookbooks:

I have found some really good recipes in there.  In the 2nd one, I have an alternative to mac & cheese that is homemade and is the closest thing to the actual stuff that I have found (plus, it's much healthier anyway). :)  Makes me happy.  

I also fell in love with these.

Yum.  You cut out the seeds from a yellow squash, then add your toppings inside (I used mushrooms, red peppers, and sausage), add some pizza sauce, top with a few more toppings (I obviously didn't use cheese but I'm sure it would be even tastier that way), also put lots of seasonings in there, and bake.  YUM!  I like it even better than the eggplant pizzas I was making before using the eggplant as my "crust."  I still like those, but I'm not doing pepperoni anymore because I can't buy it un-processed, and sausage seems weird on eggplant, so I was really excited when I got this recipe.

By the way, I got that recipe above from this website I get the daily emails.  The recipes I can eat generally seem really great (and who doesn't like cheap?!).  Someday we'll live in a place where we can have a garden and then many of these recipes will be really cheap!

Well that's what I've been up to.  My life often centers around food right now.  It's really hard to eat out and we try to avoid it as much as possible.  But at least I've found some new yummy things that are fairly healthy!

Monday, May 6


Today was kind of a happy day for running.  I have been running for 30 minutes at a time for the past three weeks.  However, it seems like I haven't really "settled" into running for that distance until today.

When I was training for the marathon, it seemed like I wouldn't really get into my groove until I was about 2-3 miles in.  So far I haven't really felt like I have been in any sort of groove, but today felt really good.  After 30 minutes I felt like I could run quite a bit further.  Longer runs might be trickier this time around because I don't think my stomach can tolerate gatorade or GU anymore.. so I'm not sure that I will be doing many races where I will need much of that anymore.

Here's what I'm thinking for races this summer.

Kael Man 5k in Ames, IA on June 29
race proceeds provide grants for adoptions

The Bix! in Davenport, IA on July 27
(I have a friend who is getting married in the QC on this day so I'm not sure if it will work perfectly or if it will interfere.  Also, it's been my dream to run this race at some point in my life.)

Prairie Fest 10K in Huxley, IA on Aug 24

I'm really hesitant about making final decisions about anything.  I'm not really sure why.  I'd really really like to do a sprint triathalon at some point in my life but I don't know if this year is the year or not.  Anyone know any other good races that I should do in case any of the above changes?

Saturday, March 9

So, I haven't blogged since I started my job.  It's been a pretty tough (but good) transition.  I am still technically considered part time, but I am just under 40 hours this week and will likely get close to running over again next week.  I'm still not full time though because I have to consistently have 20 client hours per week.  I was at 15.5 hours this week, so I'm certainly close, but I know a few of my clients will be discharging within the next month or so.  It's been kinda tough lately because I have a 2 day training next week that moves all my clients to cram in the other days, and I still have to get my paperwork done.  Also, that training has a 10 hour prerequisite course that I have to do ahead of time, which I barely started yesterday.  We also have monthly meeting where we have to write up a report on how our client successfully (or unsuccessfully) advanced toward their treatment goals.  That meeting is on Monday, takes time, and I still have to finish those reports.  So all that to say I still have a lot of work to do in the next week.  But after that, it'll be my birthday, and I'm pretty sure I will be feeling slight relief from work!  So, in summary, I have been working a ton and adjusting to much paperwork has been stressing me out quite a bit, but it WILL get better and I will become more efficient as I get used to it.  However, I love my job!  It's a really great fit for me, so that's super nice. :)

I've also been putting a LOT of energy into getting healthy.  I have been having some health problems lately which has been effecting my food allergies and sensitivities (it feels like I can barely eat anything these days!), so I've been working hard on getting that all straightened out.  Jake and I have also been taking a Financial Peace class at church, which has generally been pretty good.  We now have even more strict budgets than we did before, but we each get a "blow fund" where we get to do whatever we want with that money (such as eating out, getting coffee, etc.).  As we were talking about it, I was struggling to determine how I would use my "blow money" because I can't really eat anything and the things I want usually cost tons of money (like a BlendTec).  I can certainly tell that I'm getting older because I'm starting to only really want practical things for birthday/Christmas.  Ya know how when you're younger you ask for toys, special earrings, other random girly things, etc.  But you know you're really an adult when your list starts looking like "I need a new crockpot, a steamer, I'd love a BlendTec,  I really need a new belt since my other one is falling apart..." I feel like an old woman my mom. HA!  Just kidding, I love you mom, and you're not old (but soon!...), but I really can see myself becoming her.

Anyway, I started that paragraph so that I could share this quotation from Jake that he said when I was struggling to figure out how to use my "blow money."

"I don't know; go to some organic allergic to everything place and get... oats or whatever it is you can eat."

Friday, January 25


So, I'm sure most anyone who reads this blog already knows, but I got the job!  I got a call within about 24 hours of my interview with an official offer.  My supervisor was the one who called, and after being formal, she mentioned being excited that she no longer has to be formal with me.  She seems really fun and very approachable, which was definitely something that I was looking for in a supervisor.  I've had a similar job to this one in the past and it was definitely not a good fit, and I think one of the main reasons was because of my supervisor.  She was pretty awful.

Anyway, I'm starting out PT (20 hours), but I could become FT fairly quickly if I want (they said someone started working there about a month ago and they are already FT).  Also, they are going to work with me so that I can get my license (LPC).  It sounds like I could probably get a temporary license since I have already passed the NCE and I graduated from a CACREP accredited school.  I'm especially excited because I will be working with families that have requested help- which means the parents will actually care what I have to say (to some extent ha)!  

Anyway, I'm very excited to finally be doing a job in my field that I am really excited about.  Jake asked me the other night if I have ever been this excited about a job and I had to say no.  I mean, I loved working with special ed kids and I have loved some of the people I have worked with in the past, but I always felt like I wasn't fully using my degree with those positions.  I kept wondering what I was doing working at a job that only requires a HS diploma.  I can fully see how God was working now and how all of my work history has led me up to this point.  I can potentially see me working with this organization for the next 5-10 years.  So, I think it's fairly accurate to say that I am happy! (I was also happy that I didn't have to finish filling out the app for the county that I had to do BY HAND.  It was horribly obnoxious.)

Wednesday, January 23


Well, it's only fair that I be honest and follow up with the football post.

I didn't win.  Unfortunately the whole thing triggered a big disagreement between Jake and me, so we had an edifying conversation (that included lots of tears).  Marriage is really great because it challenges us and forces us to grow.  It's good, but hard.

I also had a really great interview yesterday.  It's always hard to share that kind of information because then if I don't get the job, everyone will know and public disappointment is hard.  However, I am very hopeful and am working to be a bit more transparent with the ups and downs of life.  I really would love working for this organization, so hopefully I'll hear some good news soon!

Friday, January 18

King vs. Queen

Enough with the food nonsense.  On to... football!

Every year Jake and I make football predictions for the season.  We pick who is going to win each division, league, superbowl winner and the MVP.  Then, whoever wins based on points gets to be king or queen for the day.  They get $50 to spend however they want, and they can ask their spouse to do things for them (fluff pillows, do the dishes, etc).  WELL, this year is it coming down to one game for us.

Patriots vs. Ravens

Jake is ahead of me on points right now, but I just have the Patriots left going for me.  If the Patriots win (which personally I will NOT be a fan of), then I get to be QUEEEN.  If they lose, then neither of us gains any more points, and therefore Jake will get to be king.  Jake has won the past 2 years, so I'd really love it if I won.  He's always been very nice to me though so I (probably) won't make it too hard on him if I win. :)

Wish me luck!

Day Nine +

Add back:
-Millet, tapioca, amaranth, and buckwheat
-Legumes, nuts, and seeds

Unfortunately on this day I had some leftover rice pasta and it definitely made me feel yucky.  I have eliminated all rice again and will try plain rice to see if I get a reaction, and also at some point I will re-enter the rice pasta and see if I get a reaction.  I'm a little sad because I want to be able to continue to eat rice pasta (and definitely plain rice!!), so I'm hoping for no reaction next time.

On day 10, I was officially considered "done," but have been reintroducing foods one at a time.  Here is what I have added back so far:
-Poppyseed dressing (only new ingredient in it was sugar)
-Corn tortillas

I am anxious to get most food reintroduced quickly because on Feb 2nd Jake has a winter party for work and I want to be able to enjoy it! :)  I have also found it interesting to reintroduce food because I am looking even more closely at the labels before I decide to eat them.  I have found 2 things that I was eating regularly that had ingredients I was allergic to in them:

2. CASHEWS (peanut oil)

How dare they do that!  I went to the grocery store and looked at all the taco seasonings and all of them have milk in them.  Rude.  Now we're going to have to find a different way to make tacos.  Also, none of the cashews at Walmart were made without peanut oil, but I did find some at Hy-Vee.  

Anyway, that was my experience!  I'm so glad it is (mostly) over.  I'm hoping in the long run it was worth it! :)